June 21st, 2013



The light is fading on the last day of spring, and the the first night of summer will begin shortly. The moon is almost full, but by the time it is fully full, on Sunday night, there will probably be clouds obscuring it. There might even be rain. I wouldn't mind seeing it peeking out from clouds and illuminating a wet landscape that night. That's a rare sight here even in winter, and during a California summer it might be unprecedented. It's certainly something I've never seen, and something I might even try to stay awake to see. But we shall see.

Tonight I've got gardenias scenting the house, and a very faint scent of jasmine from the very few blossoms that remain on the hedge. There is usually more of an overlap between them, but this year has been odd. By the time my 12th journal anniversary comes around on the 28th, I'm sure the jasmine will be entirely gone. That's something that I don't recall having happened since I started the journal. But maybe there will still be gardenias, if I remember to keep them watered.

Ah, it's 10:05. Summer is here.