June 14th, 2013



I keep forgetting today was Friday. For some reason I keep thinking it's still Thursday. Maybe my subconscious is trying to put off the hot spell that's supposed to arrive over the weekend, and the tedious task that will accompany it. It will fail, of course. The heat is bound to come, and the lawns are bound to get browner, and in a couple of days I'll have to go grocery shopping. The one thing I'm looking forward to is that there might be a watermelon worth buying at the store. Last week there was a casaba worth buying, and I bought it, and I have been devouring small slices of it all week. It's remarkable how much a melon can improve a day. But it will be gone by Sunday, so I'm really hoping for that watermelon to be there. I'll need it to get me through the week.

Now some tamales are going to get me through the night. Them and some beer. There's sour cream and olives, too, so I have little reason for complaint tonight. There's not even anybody stinking up the air with laundry.