June 8th, 2013

gericault_the raft of the medusa 2


I did not sleep well last night, but had no nap so far today, both because of the heat.The house just hit 84 degrees, so I set the thermostat to 82 and turned on the air conditioner. I'm hoping it will drop below 82 outside by nine o'clock and I can turn the machine off and open the windows. Having the air conditioner on makes me cough. But I still don't expect that sleeping will be any easier tonight. It's going to be hot again, and the tossing and turning last night caused me to screw up my neck, and when my neck hurts it always makes getting to sleep more difficult. I don't have another appointment with the chiropractor until the 25th. I hope the neck doesn't get so bad that I have to go in sooner. Also, I no longer have any ice packs to put on my neck, so I might have to use a bag of frozen peas. I certainly need to put something on it.

Can't sit here anymore. Trying to hold my neck just right is making my shoulders hurt. Curse you, global warming!

Edit, 11:34 PM: Well, it still hasn't dropped below 80 degrees outside, so I've still got the air conditioner running. It probably won't cool off until near dawn, and then it will soon begin heating up again. Did somebody pick my house up and move it to Georgia while I wasn't paying attention?