June 5th, 2013



The only thing I dislike about the long evenings of late spring and early summer is that they make me lose track of time. I thought it was about half past eight, and here it is approaching ten o'clock. Another day has gone by in a rush and I got next to nothing done. At least it wasn't quite as hot as yesterday— or maybe I'm gradually growing accustomed to the heat. The evening is pleasant. There are still a few frogs croaking, but there seem to be fewer crickets than there have been in previous years. Periodically, both are drowned out by the noise of the air conditioner next door.

Those people have been gobbling a prodigious amount of electricity, and expelling their waste heat into the air. I haven't turned my air conditioner on yet this year, and today the house only got up to 77 degrees. That was hot enough to make my unintentional afternoon nap uncomfortable, but not hot enough to make me completely miserable. The misery will come this weekend.

The predicted lows for Friday and Saturday night have been revised upward, as has the predicted high for Saturday. We're going to get two nights of 73 degrees (damned hot for this area) and Saturday will reach 106 degrees. 106! And the solstice still more than two weeks away. Alas, I fear that air conditioning will become inevitable by tomorrow evening, and the next natural cooling I'll be able to do won't occur until Sunday night. I hope the current forecast holds after that, though, as by Monday the high is predicted to be a balmy 81 degrees. What luxury that will be!

So far we've not had any extensive wildfires in the region. I sniff the air frequently. As long as I don't smell smoke, I'll endure the heat, but if things start burning I'll be quite displeased. Also, I do have to make sure the rain gutters are cleaned out. I see a few pine needles sticking over their edges, so there could be quite a bit of dry stuff in them that could burn if embers fall on it.

Now it's time to go outside for a while, and get a bit cooler and enjoy the jasmine and the smokeless air while it lasts. I've just watered part of the back lawn, and it smells nice. I'll probably get visited by raccoons, to, and maybe a feral cat will rub its face on my cuff and purr for me. It's no meteor shower, but I'll take it.