May 28th, 2013

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Well Adjusted

A drizzly morning gave way to a sunny afternoon, so I didn't have to get wet when I went to the chiropractor to have my head yanked. The pollen count is down a bit, so I'm hoping the adjustment will last longer this month. Sneezing all the time does terrible things to my neck. We get one more cool day, and then by the weekend it will be terribly hot. Well, it will be June then, so I guess it's to be expected. At least the nights will remain cool for the next week or so.

I forgot to buy cilantro for guacamole. I don't think there's anything that can substitute for it, either. Usually I forget the limes. Guacamole is pretty touchy stuff, and it's not a good idea to experiment too much with it, but I think I'll try just mixing some prepared salsa into it. The brand I have has a little bit of cilantro in it, I think.

Now that the rain is over, I can smell the jasmine again. The rain was mostly gentle, so the flowers didn't take a beating. The scent ought to grow stringer as the weather warms up, so the heat still has that compensation at least, for now. Once the jasmine dies back, the heat will just be heat. I'm really not looking forward to summer.