May 21st, 2013



Another nap day, and nothing to show for it, though this evening I did manage to water some of the plants in the front yard that I keep forgetting about. I'm so accustomed to spending time in the back yard that the front yard just vanishes from my thoughts. I use it when I fetch the mail and the newspaper, and to take the wheelie bins out and back in once a week, and that's about it.

Oh, and bring groceries in each Sunday, but when I'm busy doing those things I don't pay much attention to where I am doing them. The front yard is the forgotten country, except for the bits I see through my window. The bits I see are mostly the taller bushes and the mulberry tree and, when I stand up, the expanding brown patches of the lawn.

Come to think of it, the front yard is a lot like the rest of my life: something in the background, of which I take vague notice between naps.