May 20th, 2013



Last night I fell asleep with the television on again, and silence woke me up when a power outage turned it off for me about half past five this morning. The outage lasted only a few minutes, but might have been a harbinger of summer, when air conditioners overload the grid. Or maybe not. Today day was hot, but summer should be on hold for the rest of the week, and maybe longer.

Tomorrow is expected to be cool, and Wednesday and Thursday could be quite chilly. If the long range forecast is correct, there's no day above 72 degrees in sight, and the nightly lows will be in the forties. That's quite a turnabout, but I'll believe it when I see it. Alas, I'll probably have to have the furnace running on some of those nights, but at least I won't have to roast during the day, and wildfires will be a bit less likely as long as it stays cool. Plus I can bake stuff without overheating the house, and the mosquitoes ought to be less numerous.

My next appointment with the chiropractor is two weeks off, but my neck is already giving me trouble. I hope I don't have to go in sooner. I only budgeted for one appointment this month, and I've already had it. I can put up with the neck discomfort, but if I start getting headaches I'll have to get an early adjustment.

Now I'm going out to spend a few minutes enjoying what might turn out to be the last warm evening for more than a week. I just hope I don't get too many mosquito bites.