May 19th, 2013

caillebotte_man at his window

Twilight's Approach

It felt as though the sun took forever to decline and set this evening. Late afternoon lazed itself away as the jasmine perfumed the heavy air, and the water the hose spent made sounds softer than the breezes as it flowed around the rose bushes I was irrigating. I sat in a shady spot and read while the feral cats napped, and the shadows of trees and bushes and houses slowly extended eastward, while the pale half moon moved west.

Sunset has finally arrived, but the dusk will linger for hours. Even now the moon remains as pale as a thin cloud, and no stars have emerged. Birds are still singing their evening songs, and only a few crickets have begun to chirp. Most likely half the night will pass before the air imparts any noticeable chill. It will be a good night for sitting under the emerging stars.

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