May 18th, 2013

caillebotte_the orangerie


I might be mostly caught up on my sleep now, but it was at the cost of missing a big chunk of what turned out to be a day of very pleasant weather. It did get cold last night, but this afternoon was breezy, bright, and mild. Fluffy white clouds floated about, but never shadowed my yard. Also pleasant was the absence of any racket or stench from power lawnmowers anywhere nearby. Too many recent days have been marred by those things.

Sadly, the grass is turning very brown very quickly, and it will soon be looking like it usually doesn't until the end of June. The recent slight rain appears to have done nothing for it. But at least the jasmine is fragrant, and the sourgrass is in full bloom with its pretty purple flowers. As long as there's something nice to smell and something nice to look at, I'll have something to be pleased with.