May 14th, 2013



I doubt that I've had dinner on time for over a month, but the last few days it has gotten worse. My schedule is in the most complete disarray ever. A cooling trend begins tomorrow, though, and may be that will help restore some order to my days and nights. I'm not going to hold my breath, though. For one thing, if I hold my breath I won't be able to smell the jasmine. The perfume has fairly exploded into the air tonight. Every slight stirring of the air beings a whiff of it through the open windows on the east side of the house, and going outdoors is like walking into a perfume shop, or maybe a seraglio.

The happiest news is that Wednesday and Thursday might bring some rain, and that no thunderstorms are predicted. Enough rain to keep the grass green another week or so would be quite welcome, and I'd be satisfied with even less. I just want to smell the wet ground again. It's too bad it will probably dampen the jasmine, but given the choice, this a year when I'll gladly take rain over perfume.

I bought a half pint of half and half at the store Sunday, and now I can't find it. perhaps it was left behind at the store, or perhaps it was left in the trunk of the car. I've checked every place it could possibly be in the house so I know I didn't put it into the freezer or an unrefrigerated cupboard or the breadbox (things I've done before.) Blast. I wanted it for a sauce I was going to make. Now I have to make yet another change to my very late dinner plans. I'll probably end up with beans yet again. Ah, well. Between the pollen and the heat, it's a wonder I have any brain functions left at all.