May 3rd, 2013

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


The smell of smoke from a wild fire has tainted the air all day. It began Wednesday morning but didn't foul the air here until early this morning. Now there is a haze that is apt to be around for days, unless we get rain. There's a faint hint of bacon in the odor, though I haven't heard anything about any pig farms being burned. In fact there's been very little news of any sort about it, probably because it's burning in a wilderness area about thirty miles from here and not currently threatening any buildings or causing any highways to be closed. It had burned ten thousand acres by this morning, but I haven't heard how many acres of brush and forest it has consumed now.

Tomorrow is going to be hot and dry again, and there could be thunderstorms on Sunday. Lightning could start more fires. The only good news is that Monday and Tuesday will be much cooler, and might even bring some actual rain. For now it's just a bit breezy, but the wind is apt to pick up later tonight, and it will probably be coming from the direction of the fire. It's going to stink. I do hope we get some good rain, and no lightning, or we'll be smelling this for weeks.