April 29th, 2013



Some clouds arrived to provide a canvas for the sunset, which made good use of them, turning them orange and pink and mauve before letting the whole sky go a steely blue gray. Now the darkness has swallowed most of the landscape, and the frogs and crickets are making the balmy air vibrate. The scent of new blossoms drifts by, but I don't know what plant it comes from. An enormous ant had to be evicted from the garage, and it's somewhere out on the lawn now.

The back yard is freshly watered, and smells of wet grass. There are only a few poppy plants this year, and among them they sport only two flowers so far. I doubt there will be a good display of poppies, but the lupine patch has grown large and is in full bloom, like a blue green haze hugging the ground at twilight. It doesn't feel like April, though, being as warm as it is. Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit cooler, but more heat is to follow. The pine pollen is still making me sneeze, and I really wish we could have some rain to wash it away, but that isn't going to happen. I hope my nose stops running before May. I'll need it clear so I can smell the jasmine.