April 27th, 2013


Helter Swealter Time

We got a serious case of the sultries today, but at least I didn't take an unintentional nap— not surprising, considering that I didn't wake up until almost noon and had slept for seven hours. That's almost like my old normal schedule I had for years and years. I wonder if it's going to come back? It wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen, especially if we're going to have a hot summer. I could have the windows open all night and close them before I went to sleep each day to conserve the cool night air.

The crickets are finally chirping. The lone cricket from last night has been joined by several more, and the yard is alive with their sounds. It's very relaxing, but I'm trying not to get too relaxed. I don't want to fall asleep too early. To that end I avoided having beer with dinner tonight and opened a bottle of sparkling sweet apple cider instead. I'll save the beer for much later, and maybe I'll get to sleep about five o'clock in the morning again.

In the meantime, there are frosted oatmeal cookies and more cider— one of my favorite combinations. I hope there is something interesting on television tonight, because the recent naps have taken a toll on my neck and I can't sit at the computer for one more minute. Ouch.