April 26th, 2013



I've been doing a lot of split-shift sleeping again recently. I slept about four hours last night, woke up at half past seven this morning, then fell asleep on the couch again at four o'clock in the afternoon, waking up at dusk. In between I did a bit of sweeping in the garage and on the back porch, but getting the pine pollen stirred up was not the best idea. My nose ran for a couple of hours, and after my nap it felt like I'd been inhaling air from a hot oven. I wish spring was as easy on the nose as it is on the eyes.

This evening I've got a sprinkler going on the front lawn, though the lawn is still lush and green and doesn't need irrigating yet. I'm just hoping to soak some of the pollen that has collected on it so it won't blow around. Now if I can stay awake long enough to remember that the sprinkler is on and turn it off in a while. Leaving it on too long would be disastrous for my water bill. Because of the rather dry winter and spring, the rates have been increased.

Frogs can still be heard croaking nearby, but the crickets still haven't started chirping. It seems very odd to have such warm evenings without the crickets making music. Now that the pollen is dampened, I'm going to leave the front windows open. The day managed to get the house pretty warm, and the cool air is nice.

Wait! I'm now hearing a single cricket! It sounds like it is under the camellia bush right outside my window. I hope some of his friends show up for the party.