April 25th, 2013

caillebotte_the orangerie


There's a hint of golden pine pollen on the ground today, so the next few days will probably be pretty bad. My recent misery and muddleheadedness has probably been more the result of the photinia pollen, though. The bushes are now covered with clouds of cream-colored blossoms. They emit a faint but pleasing scent, but the pollen they bring is particularly intense. This year it is going to overlap the pine pollen, so I'm expecting to be beset by a double dose of discomfort and lethargy. This spring has gone hyper.

Most surprising is the appearance of buds on the jasmine hedge. They could bloom within the next few days, and we might be smelling jasmine before the end of April. Usually that doesn't happen until the latter half of May, and some years it is delayed until June. At the rate we're going, everything is apt to be summer brown even before the summer solstice arrives. If so, I can only hope for some compensation in the form of an early melon season. A nice casaba or watermelon would help me endure this premature onset of heat.

The weather report is forecasting 90 degrees here on Saturday. 90 degrees! And with pollen!

That's going to be a triple dose of discomfort and lethargy!