April 23rd, 2013

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


After missing the meteor shower, I stayed awake all the next night. Classic bad timing. Then I fell asleep this afternoon and didn't wake up until dusk. A big moon was shining by the time I got the cats fed. The pollen might have something to do with this sudden disruption of my sleep. My nose has been running all evening, and I have more than the usual dopiness and confusion I get when I wake up too late in the evening.

The cats managed to unplug the main light fixture in the garage again, and I don't feel like dragging the ladder around to plug it back in. The cats and I will have to make do with the light from the big moon tonight. I still haven't had dinner. All my thoughts are a jumble. Maybe I'll get muddled enough to go back to sleep tonight, and then I might have a more normal day tomorrow. I've pretty much written tonight off as far as any rational thinking is concerned.

Am I writing in English? Doesn't sound like it.