April 21st, 2013

caillebotte_man at his window


With the shopping done yesterday and a whole Sunday to myself, one would think I would get more done, but only if one didn't know me well. I even woke up pretty early, but somehow the day just vanished in a tide of minutia and lazing. The lupines were sprinkled, the litter box was cleaned, a few chapters of a book were read—well, re-read— and a minor load of laundry was done. That's about it, other than the entertainment I provided the cats, and the entertainment the Internets provided me. I haven't even cooked my dinner yet. I probably ought to have taken a nap, as early tomorrow morning will be the best time to watch the Lyrid meteor shower, and I hope to be awake for it. Then I'll have something by which to remember this otherwise wasted day.

Ah, but the lupines are lovely this year.

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