April 18th, 2013

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Next to Godliness... Well, Closer Anyway

Had I known what the inside of my toaster looked like I'd have cleaned it ages ago. I keep forgetting it has a crumb tray, so the crumbs have been accumulating for a couple of years. I could have fed an army of pigeons with what I emptied out of it today. While I was at it, I cleaned the outside as well, and it is now quite white. I was not electrocuted when I plugged it back in, either, so win/win.

Getting the toaster cleaned out sent me on a tidying binge, and I now have a spiffy microwave oven and a freshly washed refrigerator. Well, I only got the outside of the refrigerator because I started to run out of energy, and because there was too much stuff in it to easily remove. I'll get the inside cleaned out next time the tidy fit takes me, though I have no idea when that will be. I might decide to do it piecemeal. It's pretty easy to empty the vegetable bins and wash them, then get the door shelves, then the inside shelves one at a time. I'll have to finish off quite a few bottles of beer to clear out enough space to do the necessary shuffling of items, though. Maybe that will be an incentive.

It was a pleasantly mild day again, and tomorrow will probably be about the same, but after that it's going to get hot. It won't be summer hot, but it will be hot for April. I hope that it will at least remain breezy, though breezy can be a hazard should the heat bring an early fire season. Around here, one of the worst things about the hot weather starting early is the prospect of early wildfires. The grasses in the fields dry out pretty fast once the hot weather arrives.