April 16th, 2013


Another Day Spent

Today I managed to stay awake and watch the afternoon clouds, which were plentiful. I hoped they would last until the day's end, but they didn't. Now there isn't much color to the sunset, and it's likely to be quite a while before we get another cloudy day. Next week it's actually going to get hot, and it might take some getting used to after a winter when I seldom set my thermostat above 66 degrees. The sunsets will most likely be dull, too.

As mild as the winter was, it took a noticeable toll on my driveway. It has been getting worse every year, but the change from last year has been alarming. There are now so many small cracks that it is beginning to look as ragged as a patch of dried out alluvial mud. There's no telling how much longer it will last without a coat of sealant, if it's not to late for sealant already, but it probably won't be long. Weeds are already growing through it in a couple of places. Within a couple of years I might have nothing but a sheet of shattered asphalt with a weedy crop on it.

Odds are I'll get my dinner before nine o'clock tonight. It won't be just beans or soup this time. I was going to have some cornbread with it, but just checked the date on my eggs and they passed their date more than a week ago. I guess there will be mashed potatoes instead.

Dusk. Time for the frogs to start singing. The crickets are still silent, but once the nights warm up I'm sure they'll join the chorus. It will be nice to hear them again.