April 15th, 2013

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Because the day brought lots of clouds I was looking forward to seeing the sunset, but I fell asleep late in the afternoon and slept until after nightfall. Another disappointment was the failure of the clouds to bring any rain. I was counting on rain to soften the ground so I could pull up some of the foxtails that are starting to flourish in the back yard and along the driveway.

I might try an alternative method I heard about, which is to drench the weeds in boiling water, which is supposed to kill them within a day. I don't know if it would make their remains any easier to dislodge from the ground, though, or if it would also kill their seeds. If the foxtails stay in the ground and their seeds can still germinate, Ill have gained nothing, and the yard will only turn brown sooner.

Because of my unintentional nap, my dinner has been long delayed. Sweet potatoes take a long time to bake, and I didn't get mine into the oven until after nine o'clock. It will be ready soon, though, so I'd better go start cooking the other dishes. I hope I can avoid any unintended naps tomorrow.