April 7th, 2013

caillebotte_man at his window


The memorable image of the day was when the wind kicked up early in the afternoon, and the big photinia bush with its spring-red leaves did a wild dance, flinging its horded raindrops into the tumultuous air. Light and shade came and went again and again as the broken clouds scudded across the sun, and for a few minutes hail was flung against my window with a great rattling. The other bushes and the oaks and pines danced, too, but none so energetically as the fiery photinia.

When the wind died down I went outside expecting to see rent leaves scattered about, but there were none. The bush had held itself together throughout the blustery hour, and stood quiet as the slowed clouds turned the day gray once again. It had been a splendid sight, but it made my shopping trip feel anticlimactic. I'll probably dream about that storm tonight. Another recommendation for sleep.

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