March 23rd, 2013

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


This computer gets slower every day. Defragmenting the hard drive didn't help it much. It wouldn't be so bad if my neck didn't start hurting when I sit for too long, but it does, and when it takes forever to open a page I get very uncomfortable. Breaking my computer time into ten minute bits is annoying. I keep forgetting what I was doing. Since additional RAM would be so expensive, I really have to replace this thing.

The not-quite-balmy weather is continuing. I can't open the windows for more than an hour or two each day, which is not long enough to get the house properly aired out, though it's better than nothing. Next week there could be more rain, but there's no more than a 50% chance any day. So far, this spring seems unable to make a commitment. It doesn't get warm, it doesn't get cold, it doesn't get rainy. At this point, I'd welcome just about anything out of the ordinary, if only to break the monotony. We could certainly use more snow in the mountains, lest the reservoirs start drying up, so I'm hoping March won't end without a late snowstorm. The odds are pretty low, though.

The combination of sitting too long and a stuffy house is giving me a headache. Moonlight and fresh air should cure it.