March 15th, 2013



The nightly frog concerts are continuing, and each night brings more moths to circle the porch lights. The moths would probably make nice snacks for the frogs, but the frogs are too far away. The cats sometimes make snacks of the moths, but it's a lot of work for very little reward. When I cook dinner I know how the cats feel. In fact I'm probably worse off than the cats, because at least their troublesome snacks don't require that they perform any cleanup. Too many of my meals lead to a sink full of pots and pans and dishes and utensils. Sometimes it's enough to drive me to eat frozen dinners, but those things are expensive.

Tonight, though, I just opened a can of chili beans. Who wants to spend an hour or more in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning up, on such a lovely night? Not only are there frogs to listen to and moth chasing to watch, but the spurge laurel is still scenting the mild air, and the moon is making a jolly crescent smile. None of the spring plants that can make me sneeze have begun doing so yet, but my keyboard is covered with freshly shed cat hair, so I'll clearly be better off outside. The vernal equinox is still nearly a week away, but it already feels very much like spring. Portia has already gone out to enjoy it, and I am going to join her now.