March 14th, 2013

caillebotte_the orangerie


The mulberry tree is getting its buds. If the warm weather holds, there will be loads of little, green, caterpillar-like blossoms within a few days, and I'll be sneezing every few minutes. It is quite warm already this morning, despite an overcast. The muted light softens the colors of all the plants that are blooming, but emphasizes the drabness of those that are still bare. I don't know whether to be depressed or cheerful.

A house nearby is getting a new roof. I keep hearing the nail gun firing. At first, I thought it was a woodpecker intermittently hammering on a tree, but going outside I saw a guy on the roof of a house across the road at the end of my block. His head would pop up from behind a hedge of scotch broom, then drop out of sight again and I would hear the nail gun firing. A bit later, his head would pop up again and move a short distance, then vanish once more and the nail gun would start firing again. I guess that will be going on for hours.

The house on the corner might finally have been sold. There were three guys there for a couple of hours this morning who didn't appear to be working on anything in particular, but the garage door was open the entire time and they were going in and out. One of them also spent quite a while examining the plants in the yard. It looks like they are getting ready to do something to the place. I didn't recognize any of them.

A bunch of tiny birds are now hopping about in my front yard. There must be something tasty out there, but I'm sure whatever it is would be too small for me to gather and eat. I'll probably just make myself a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. There's lots of bread soon to go stale.

Reading about the monarch butterfly collapse, I'm wondering if I ought to plant some milkweed. Most varieties have very pretty flowers, and it's not like I wouldn't want any of the other weeds that grow in my yard to be displaced. I should probably confine it to the fenced back yard, though. I wouldn't want deer making themselves sick munching on it.