March 11th, 2013

caillebotte_the orangerie


With milder evenings, the moths are coming out, and the cats are chasing them. Their antics are fun to watch. Less fun is the fact that the milder days are causing foxtails and other noxious plants to sprout, and soon I'll have to start pulling them up before they take over the yard. As there is nothing but warmer weather in sight, the week pulling will probably have to begin before the end of the week. In fact I should probably get to it right away, while the soil retains a bit of dampness. Once it dries out, the foxtails don't easily pull out by the roots, but are more likely to break off, leaving the roots intact to regrow the plants..

But it was nice to go eleven hours (so far) without the furnace running once. The house smells much better having been filled with fresh air much of the day. I can't yet leave the windows open after nightfall, but it might not be long before I can. That's when it will feel as though spring has really arrived.

In the meantime, I'm delighted that the spurge laurel has managed to release more perfume. When its first release was ended by the onset of rain and cold, I feared that it might be done for the year, but tonight I caught a few whiffs of its fresh scent. It won't get rained on or frozen this time, so it ought to last a few more days, at least. I intend to enjoy it while it does, as winter could still come back in a week or two. We've had snow as late as the first of April here, and it could happen again. If it does. I'll enjoy that, too, as it will be coming at the end of winter instead of the beginning. Snow is much more enjoyable when you aren't looking at the possibility of three or four months of icy weather ahead.