March 5th, 2013

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


My head has been yanked, and I hope that the yanking will rid me of my recent headaches, though my left shoulder still feels a bit sore. The rain has held off, so I didn't get wet going to the chiropractor's office, but there is now quite a chill in the air and it has grown quite blustery outside. Considerable wind is expected with this storm, which is one more thing to threaten the utility lines even before the lightning begins crashing about. At least the leafless state of the oaks makes them less likely to fall or to lose branches to the wind. The poor camellia blossoms are bound to suffer from this weather, though. After the storm I expect to see the walk littered with their petals.

There will be an oven-related dinner tonight, just in case I don't get any more for a couple of days, and I want to get it started before the storm begins in earnest. So far there haven't even been any sprinkles, and I haven't heard any thunder— but then the noise of the wind might be drowning out the sound of any distant thunder. It's loud enough that I can hear the nearby frogs croaking only during lulls. This promises to be in interesting night.