March 3rd, 2013



Oh, another lost post. Why doesn't LJ's draft autosave feature work anymore? Crap.

Anyway. Here's part of what I remember, though it's not Saturday anymore:

Rain was not a certainty, but I'm still disappointed that it hasn't come. It could still arrive later tonight, and there is a chance of rain almost every day next week, so I'm very likely to get my rain fix, but I'm likely to get it when I have to go shopping tomorrow today or when I have to go to the chiropractor Tuesday. Rain is far more enjoyable when I don't have to get out in it. And even if the rain doesn't come tonight, at least I've got frogs to listen to,
caillebotte_man at his window


All day we had no more than a few periods of mist and then, just as I'd expected, rain began falling just when I went shopping. Now that I'm home, it has stopped. We had a lovely pale orange sky at sunset, but now that dusk has arrived the clouds appear to be thickening again, so there might be more rain tonight. The frogs, already singing, will be happy, I'm sure.

My house has about four hundred feet more elevation than the neighborhood Safeway is in, and I was surprised to see so many dogwoods in full bloom down there. I few hundred feet lower, I've been told, the oaks are already getting their spring leaves. The dogwoods on my block show no signs of blooming yet, and the oaks are yet bare. It's a good thing they've delayed, as by Wednesday night there could be frost and maybe a bit of snow. There will surely be snow in the mountains, which is a very good thing. The snow pack is well below normal for early March, and any addition to it will be welcome.

I'll probably be getting wet again when I go to the chiropractor on Tuesday, but I have no intention of letting that deter me. My neck has gotten very sore the last couple of days, and I'll be very glad for a good head-yanking. In fact I've got a bit of headache tonight, and sitting at the computer isn't helping it. Time for dinner.

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