February 28th, 2013

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

If Donuts Were Horses....

Oh, dear. Falling asleep before ten o'clock in the evening and waking up after two o'clock in the morning is far from ideal. If I hadn't fallen asleep with too little covering I probably would have slept until five o'clock, but I had only one blanket and the cold woke me up. Now I'm probably going to be awake for the rest of the night. At least there's nothing I have to do tomorrow today, so a morning nap will not be out of the question. Now I only need to figure out what to do with the remainder of a bleary-eyed night.

I wish I had donuts.

On Unreliablilty

The peach tree has bloomed. I don't know if February 28 is a record or not, but it could be. A hard frost is still very likely here, and late next week there will be some very cold nights and chilly days. But what the hell. The peaches haven't been very good for several years, anyway, so maybe it doesn't matter that the crop is probably going to be destroyed before the fruit even sets— except to the birds, of course. The birds will always at least nibble at those peaches,even when they aren't very good, so they will be very disappointed. This is probably because birds can't get those cards that supermarkets always want you to carry anymore.

This afternoon I didn't end up taking one of those long, unintentional naps I've been having lately. Instead, I spent the whole day taking short, unintentional cat naps. There can be no doubt that Portia had something to do with this. Maybe she's just trying to be helpful, but I found the experience as disturbing as I find the unintentional long naps. I wish she would stop hypnotizing me when my attention is elsewhere. Cats: can't live with them, can't get rid of all that bargain cat litter without them.

Tomorrow should be an open window day, at 73 degrees, and Saturday and/or Sunday could bring a bit of rain, and fairly warm rain at that. It isn't going to feel like a winter storm at all. But then Wednesday night could bring snow, so WTF?! I think I'm going to give up on the idea of seasons altogether. The theory obviously hasn't worked out the way we expected. Weather must be some sort of random arrangement that we shouldn't rely on at all. Just like everything else. And now I think I feel a cat nap coming on. Oh, crap, Portia has been staring at the back of my head the whole time I've been at the computer. Gotta remember to close that door.