February 26th, 2013

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Not only has all chance of rain vanished from the forecast for the next week, but it could get up to 75 degrees here on Friday. Well, hurray for being able to keep the windows open most of the day, and probably even into the evening, but boo for winter surrendering the first day of March to spring. In fact the entire week is going to be uncommonly mild. What happened to March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb? Will we henceforth have to say that about February instead? And if it's going to be so warm so early in the year, what sort of hell is August at risk of becoming? I'd shudder to think, but it's too warm for shuddering.

Meanwhile, a big chunk of the east looks like it's about to enter a new ice age. I'd say the weather is being very badly managed this year, and we ought to privatize it, because clearly the U.S.Weather Service just isn't providing us with the sort of weather we need and would find enjoyable. I'm sure the free market could give us much better weather than the government does, and we could have lower taxes to boot! Down with Socialist weather!

But then maybe we won't even have to endure August. Maybe a Rock of Doom will hit us before then. It does seem more likely than ever when you see this map showing all the known Big Rocks that have smacked into the planet. Keep in mind that most of the planet is unexplored ocean, and another big chunk is covered with ice or year-round snow or permafrost, and there's still a bit of tropical forest that hasn't yet been explored for evidence of meteor impacts. Consider all that, and it suddenly seems a wonder that any living species at all have survived on this impact-prone meteor-attractor. The map makes Earth look like a kid with the worst case of acne ever.