February 16th, 2013


Chilling Again

The air already has a damp smell this evening, even though rain is not expected to arrive until Monday. There were thin clouds most of the afternoon, and the day never got as warm as was predicted. It's supposed to clear up tomorrow, but then it was supposed to be clear today, too. I'll believe it's clear when I see the sun. I'll believe the rain will hold off until Monday when I've gotten through my shopping tomorrow without getting wet. One can never be sure what will happen when we switch from Southern California weather to Pacific Northwest weather this time of year.

I must get fresh filters for my Brita water pitcher tomorrow, even if I have to pay full price. I've already pushed the one I'm using now beyond the recommended 40 day limit. It's probably poisoning me, but at least it's still getting the chlorine taste out of the water. I should probably switch to drinking nothing but beer, and then I wouldn't have to bother with water filters.