January 29th, 2013


Tuesdays Are So Tuesday

I'm smelling skunk this evening. Either there's one wandering around or one has become roadkill not too far off. We'll see how long it lasts. Roadkill skunk smell lingers for a long time, while live skunk smell goes away fairly soon. If it's live skunk, the beast might decide to wander into my garage again to eat cat food. It would be today's second threatening beast in the garage. This afternoon a large bee was there, poking around in every nook and cranny. I certainly hope I don't get a hive in the garage. The honey just wouldn't be worth it.

This week I intend to keep track of the avocado I bought on Sunday. Last week I bought two, but one of them rolled behind something on the sink board (I suspect that Portia was playing with it while I slept), and by the time I had rediscovered it, it had gone overripe to the point that it was almost entirely inedible. The one I had eaten first was quite good, too, of excellent texture, and with only a slight woodiness to its flavor preventing it from being perfect. I regret the loss of the second avocado. It's not like they grow on trees (around here.)

Another thing I bought Sunday was honey roasted peanuts, and this afternoon I spoiled my dinner with them. I'll probably end up just having a bowl of soup instead of a meal. I've got a heel of French bread to get rid of anyway, and it will make excellent garlic toast. I'll have to get Portia off my lap first, but I'm not very hungry yet so that's not a big deal. Still, honey roasted peanuts are the devil's work.