January 24th, 2013



Though we got a few hours of fairly decent rain last night, there has been nothing since but an occasional sprinkle. Everything stayed damp, though, and the damp might stick around for several days. It's also going to get colder again, so I guess winter is waking from its nap. The feral cats' water bowls will probably start freezing overnight again, but it doesn't look as though the clouds that are on their way are going to have enough water in them to make it snow.

The injured feral tom cat who has been cadging food appears to be recovering. He still limps, but he is putting the paw of his injured leg on the ground now. He can continue to visit as long as he doesn't give Portia or my regular ferals a bad time. Once he gets back to being aggressive I'm taking to food away and chasing him off.

Twice recently I've gone out to the garage at night and discovered a skunk there. I've been leaving the garage door open so the feral cats can have a little bit more shelter, but if I'm going to be having skunks invade I'll have to reconsider. So far I haven't been sprayed, nor have the cats, but I'd rather not take the risk at all. I like to see skunks, but I prefer to watch them from the other side of a closed window.