January 22nd, 2013


Welcome Change

There are some clouds tonight, but so far the moon has remained clear of them. I'll keep checking to see if there's an encounter. Clouds and moon are at their best when they are together. For now I have to settle for watching the tangled shadows of the mulberry tree's bare branches and twigs creep across the ground, and the moonlight reflecting from the windows of dark houses.

Once in a while I catch a whiff of wood smoke from somebody's fireplace, but otherwise the air is clean and chilly. The traffic has died down, and my only company is the cats. The hour seems later than it is. After I post this I'll probably stay outside until it gets too cold for me, or until the clouds thicken and it starts to rain. If it doesn't rain tonight it's almost certain to rain tomorrow, but it won't be a very wintry rain. I'll be very glad to have it, whatever its temperature. Maybe the sound of it will wash the cobwebs from my mind, and I'll bore myself less for a while. All my thoughts have been arid of late.

A hear a breeze stirring. Time to go back out.