January 14th, 2013



This evening brought one of those splendid winter sunsets that occur when the sky is not really cloudy but not perfectly clear. It must be caused by a thin fog of ice crystals hovering in the atmosphere, catching the light and filling it with color. There was a moment when the sky was mauve but the horizon was gold, and the light reaching the tops of the pine trees made their brown needles glow with a translucent red that seemed to emerge from the trees themselves. The phenomenon lasted only a few minutes, but I stayed to watch the sky darken and the crescent moon grow bright, even though the cold day became an even colder night.

Finally, I had to bring my numbing toes into the house to warm up, and of course I had to go with them, and take my eyes as well. In a few days it will be a bit warmer, and maybe I'll be able to stay out a bit longer and watch Orion emerge in the darkening sky. The evenings are getting noticeably longer now, which always pleases me. Chances are that even tonight the feral cats' water bowls won't freeze over, and Wednesday night won't be much colder than noon was today. It's still a long time until spring, but I can sense the roots stirring in the ground. There's still lots of cold ahead, and maybe even some snow, but I can picture the end of it, and the emergence of flowers. And now that I can feel my toes again, I'm going to go heat some soup. It's a perfect night for it.