January 12th, 2013

gericault_the raft of the medusa 2

Deplorable Drowsing

One need not drink grog to be groggy. I was groggy all afternoon without a drop of grog. Sometime around three o'clock I passed out on the couch and didn't wake up until almost seven. The cats were indignant, my dinner was late again, and I'm now looking at another night of boredom. I might as well get myself some grog.

Oh, look. Friday is over. Feh. I missed it.


The water froze in the garden hoses overnight. They were unusable until afternoon. When I finally got some water out of them it was only a trickle, so I left it on and let them sit. I watched a long, hose shaped icicle emerge from the hose in the front yard, and then another and another. Meanwhile, the hose in the back yard disgorged a whole pile of short icicles which I found lying at its mouth when I went back to fill the feral cats' backyard water bowls. The ice looked quite lovely glistening in the sunlight. It was like I was getting ready to throw a party. I guess it was a party for the cats. They were happy to get fresh water in their bowls in place of the partly melted ice water they'd had all morning.

Tonight will be as cold as last night, but this time I might try throwing something over the coiled hoses so they won't freeze so badly. I'll run them a couple of times during the night, too, if I'm awake, to let the warmer underground pipe water push out the colder water that's been sitting in the hoses. I don't want the cats to have to wait until afternoon for fresh water again. Sunday night will also be very cold, but the overnight freezes should end Monday night, and maybe next week my toes won't get numb every time I go outside.

For now, the clouds have returned and we no longer have the shadows of the bare trees etching the dull winter landscape. The ground is duller than the sky, and the woods have lost their depth. The chill again pervades everything. I'm enjoying the overcast while I can, though, because these are the last clouds expected here for at least a week. They are expected to vanish before midnight. There is a new moon tonight, too, so the next few nights will be good for watching the stars, at least for anyone who doesn't mind the cold. I'll probably stay in.