rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Those solicitation robocalls are getting creepier. This evening I got one from a conversational robot with a female human name (which I've forgotten) that started out by telling me that it was glad I had answered my phone myself, because "...I'm tired of talking to machines." Oh, the audacity! I chose to answer its questions (this robot was soliciting for a chartable donation) by repeating the same sentence in a robotic monotone: "I'm sorry I don't have anything to spare right now."

The robot went through its list of questions in its cheerful, lilting voice, and finally, having failed at its task, thanked me for my time and hung up. I think maybe next I get one of those calls time I'll say (in robotic monotone, of course) something like "I'd be glad to contribute in exchange for sex with a hot cyborg." But I should probably consult an attorney first. Can one be arrested for propositioning a robocall machine?

Today was about as warm as yesterday, but the house remained much cooler thanks to last nights chilly low. I'll be able to repeat this feat tonight and tomorrow, but after that it's going to start heating up again. It's apt to get unpleasant over the weekend, with both days and nights getting wormer, but after that is too far off to predict accurately. Maybe we'll get lucky again and not have another heat wave like the recent one.

Oh, and tomorrow is my journalversary. If I recall correctly, it was very early in the morning of the 28th— maybe two or three AM— that I set this thing up. I'm not sure I'll be awake at that hour tomorrow, as I'm ready to nod off right now, having been awake since eight o'clock this morning. But next time I post, the journal will be sweet sixteen. I hope Woody Allen doesn't find it!

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