rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


My memory has gotten useless. This evening I went looking for a 12-pack of flashlight batteries I bought some time ago, but I can't find them. Worse than that, this is the second time I've lost them. When I first bought them I had just put my last pair into my flashlight, but was surprised that they were the last pair, as I was sure I had a fresh six pack of them. Because I couldn't find the six pack, the next time I went shopping I bought the twelve pack.

Then when the batteries in the flashlight got low I went looking for the twelve pack I'd recently bought and couldn't find it. I looked everywhere I might have put it, but no luck. So the next week I bought another six pack. Then I recall some time later opening the closet and seeing the twelve pack. But I decided to use up the newer six pack first. The last pair from that pack are in my flashlight now, and getting dim, so I went to the closet to get the twelve pack and it isn't there. What the hell did I do with it? Again I've looked everywhere, but no luck.

It's like I forgot to change the batteries in my brain.


As bad as my brain has gotten, my Internet connection is even less reliable. It's been flaking out on me again tonight. Maybe it just hasn't cooled off enough to suit it, though it's mere 70 degrees outside right now. It's heading down to 59, the forecast says. Luxury! I'm going to leave the windows open all night, and I hope I get to shiver before morning. It's going to be 85 again tomorrow. I can live with that, as long as the nights are cool.

Alas, the jasmine flowers couldn't live with the recent heat. Most of them have turned brown, and have taken on the sickly smell they get at that stage. The scented nights didn't last very long this year. The sourgrass by the front porch has all turned brown, too. The yard is littered with dead oak leaves, also killed by the heat. Normal June temperatures may be back, but spring has withered away.

But now I must take the wheelie bins out. Trash pickup early tomorrow morning. With luck I'll sleep through it, under a blanket.

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