December 21st, 2012



The cat woke me up to see the snow just before eight o'clock. The ground was barely white, but huge flakes were falling furiously, and by the time I got out to fetch the newspaper there was about half an inch of snow covering it. I had to walk very carefully on the driveway as my shoes are not designed for snow and threatened to slip out from under me. It didn't help that the snow was a bit slushy. So far, very little of it has stuck to the trees because it's too wet. The oak tree next door that overhangs the den is dropping clumps of it into my roof, so I hear a thud resonate through the house every couple of minutes.

The snow has been falling pretty steadily for the last hour and a half, and there's now about an inch of it on the ground. If it continues at this pace all day we could end up with quite an accumulation. The more there is, the more likely we are to get a power outage, but the snow will have to get a bit dryer so it can stick to and weigh down power lines and tree branches that might fall onto the power lines before that happens. Unless of course a car skids on the sloppy pavement and takes out a utility pole. Six of one, half a dozen days of freezing.

Stupid Internet is still cutting out, too. I'm going to go make breakfast. Back later, or not.
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Apocolypse Not

Not only did my mouse die, but my browser has become unstable. It has shut down for no apparent reason four times recently. I fear that Sluggo's spirit has somehow taken over this computer. Maybe it's because I'm using his mouse. I really need a whole new computer, now that it appears that the world will not be ending just yet. I'm not sure just when the end was supposed to arrive, though. Was it midnight last night, or midnight tonight? Was it Greenwich time or Yucatan time?

Whenever it was, at least I'm not yet buried in snow. Even though the afternoon felt colder than the morning, the snow turned first to slush and then to rain, and now the couple of inches that fell has mostly been washed away, except along the road verge where the plow truck piled a pair of long heaps. There's still a layer of snow all down my driveway, but it's very thin. It will probably turn to ice overnight, and tomorrow morning when I go to fetch the newspaper I will slide into the street and be hit by an oncoming car that can't stop because it will be driving on black ice. Ah, well.

There's still more snow predicted for tomorrow, but it won't be falling onto much of an accumulation. I'm hoping it will turn to rain again, and that I'll be able to go shopping on Sunday as usual, though if that car hits me I might be wearing a cast or two. I'm going to need food for the cats, so I have no choice but to shop. If they go unfed, I'm sure to end up being devoured myself, so I'll be dead apocalypse or not. What a world!

Edit: Oh, and I hope everybody had a nice winter solstice. Longer days at last!