December 11th, 2012

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Thanks to gathering clouds, a remarkably lurid sunset ended an otherwise unremarkable day. I managed to get part of the back lawn raked, but found several deposits of cat droppings hidden under the leaves. Some of them first revealed themselves to my nose, but others, unfortunately, I found with my shoes. I'll probably find more when I rake the other half of the lawn, but that won't be until after the rain that is expected to begin tonight and continue through tomorrow night. It now looks as though Thursday night and Friday morning will be clear, so I might get to see the Geminid meteor shower after all, but only so long as I'm willing to endure a low temperature of 32 degrees. That is unlikely to be very long.

As cold as it's going to get Friday morning, next week will be worse. It could go below freezing almost every night. I hope I don't get any broken water pipes. I hope the furnace doesn't break down, or the power fail. It isn't even official winter yet, and I hate to think what January and February might be like if it is getting this cold in early December. That lurid sunset I so enjoyed was undoubtedly the result of ice crystals in the clouds. No number of lurid sunsets will compensate for a long, freezing winter, though.