December 10th, 2012



The front yard is mostly rid of leaves. There is now green lawn instead of the yellow carpet of mulberry leaves. The mulberry tree has surprisingly little foliage left on it this year. Most years it keeps dropping leaves clear through December and into January, but I see no more than a hundred or so still clinging to it this year. That's a good thing if we get snow. When there is snow while the tree is still leafy, the weight drags the branches down onto the electric line running over the yard and the telephone and cable lines along the side of the yard. I'm always afraid the snowy branches will take them down. If it weren't for the fact that I really need the shade in the summer, I'd just get rid of that tree. It would take too long to grow a replacement for it. A trio of white birch would certainly look nice there, though.

Because I spent the early afternoon raking leaves, I ended up falling asleep on the couch about two o'clock, and then I woke up long after nightfall. Had the television not been on I'd have been stumbling around in the dark trying to find a light switch. My sense of balance, none too good as it is, gets even worse in darkness. I probably would have ended up pitching headfirst into a wall or the television set— and there wouldn't have been any video of it to post on YouTube! Just think, If only I'd left the television off and had had an infrared video camera running, I could have been on Tosh.0, with my head spit open! How elusive is fame!

Less then two weeks until the winter solstice, and then only a few months of arse-freezing before spring arrives. The camellia bushes are dense with buds. I can hardly wait to see them bloom.