December 5th, 2012



My wireless mouse has crapped out on me. It works, but only for five or ten seconds after I put the batteries into it. Then it goes dead and I have to pull the batteries out and reinsert them to make it work another five or ten seconds. Damned inconvenient. It can't be the batteries because they are freshly recharged and fairly new.

I can do a few things with the keyboard, but not enough to make using the machine easy. I might have to snag Sluggo's wired mouse and plug it in to this machine, but I don't know how that will work. The wireless mouse and keyboard are a set, and I don't know if the keyboard will get along with the wired mouse. I might have to use Sluggo's keyboard as well. I also don't remember if I need some sort of software with the wired mouse. It's been so long since I installed it on Sluggo. Oh. tECHnology!

Edit: I managed to install Sluggo's mouse on this computer, though it wasn't easy. I found the floppy disc with the driver on it, and Windows has accepted the device. I'm not so sure that I'll be able to accept it, though. It's a huge hassle to use. How did people ever put up with wired mice (mouses?) But I'll have to endure it until I can get the wireless mouse either fixed or replaced by another wireless mouse. But I'm doubtful that repair is possible, and there's nothing in the budget for a replacement until after the property tax has been paid. That will happen in January, and, with luck, a bit of spare cash will be available in February. I'd be better off if I could just replace the whole seven-year-old computer, since it is woefully short of RAM and the RAM it uses is terribly expensive. It only has slots for a bit over a gigabyte in any case, and that just isn't enough these days.

At least I won't have to be recharging batteries all the time as long as I'm using the wired mouse. But that's not so much a silver lining as it is a straw to grasp at. I feel like Mitt Romney. Feh.