November 30th, 2012



There were at least three power failures here last night. The first came about 8:30, when the computer was still on. That one ended after ten o'clock. I had the computer unplugged for the next one, just after midnight. That one only lasted a few minutes. The third one came while I was asleep, and I only know that it happened because I'd fallen asleep with the television on, and when I woke up about six o'clock this morning the television had gone off by itself. Luckily, none of the outages lasted long enough to damage anything in the refrigerator or freezer.

This has been one of the nastiest storms I can recall. It hasn't been as cold as some, but the rain has been copious and it has gone on for a long time. It will continue for at least the next 36 hours, so there's plenty of time for it to get even worse. I don't think I'll make my oven-related dinner tonight, as I fear that the power could go away again while it is half cooked. I'll probably just open a can of soup.

As inconvenient as it's been, and as uncomfortable as it's been to be without heat for a big part of the night, I've enjoyed listening to the rain, and this morning there was a lull when the clouds settled over the town and we had half an hour of fairly heavy fog. I went out and walked on the carpet of soggy leaves that now covers everything, and listened to the water dripping from the trees. And while the power was out a re-read a few chapters of Northanger Abbey. Cookies and tea and Jane Austen can do a great deal to improve a rainy night. I'm almost out of cookies, though, so I hope the weather doesn't prevent me from shopping on Sunday.