November 25th, 2012

caillebotte_man at his window

Cadaver Time

A crop of detached conifers has sprouted in the supermarket parking lot, due to the pending holiday. The place now reeks of freshly slaughtered pine. Much of the year it reeks of freshly slaughtered beast being roasted, thanks to the outdoor barbecue stand, but now its all tree smell. Well, tree smell and vehicle exhaust, of course. It is a parking lot, after all.

But the smell of slaughtered tree is another reminder that December is nigh, and that it will soon be winter. By the time these tree cadavers are cast away it will be here, and perhaps there will be snow on the ground. Tonight the moon is nearing the full, and its light is like the ghost of the sun haunting the woods. How much more dramatic it would be if there were snow. The shadows of the trees are so stark when they fall on white ground, and the doubly reflected light is so much more intense.

The thought of such scenes almost makes me wish that winter were here already. What truly does make me wish that winter had already arrived is the fact that once it is here, the closer it will be to ending. If it puts on a good show while passing through, fine. The important thing is that it pass. Every day I count the buds on the camellia bush. Others may celebrate the holiday of the dead trees, but I will wait and celebrate the blooming of the new year's first camellias.

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