November 23rd, 2012

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Uneventful, the day slipped by barely noticed. I wasn't bored, because I fell asleep, and sleep is the best preventive of boredom. Daytime sleep is also, alas, a preventive of a timely dinner. I've only just gotten the sweet potato into the oven. Now I can spend some time pondering the leaves I failed to rake this afternoon. They have fallen copiously the last few days, and both front and back lawns are almost entirely covered. The compensation for the pending task is the passage of a bit more sunlight to the ground, and the intricate patterns of light and shade on which the sun collaborates with the remaining foliage of the oaks, the mulberry, and the walnut tree. Had I not fallen asleep, I'm sure I'd have spent hours watching them.

It almost got warm enough today to open the windows, but almost is not good enough, so the house remains stuffy. As this was the peak of the current warmish cycle, it will remain stuffy for the next ten days at least, and the odds of any days even as warm as this one was arriving in December are vanishingly small. Most likely the house will thus remain stuffy until spring arrives. Warm spells have been known to arrive in any month of the fall and winter, but they are rare before March. A chilly spring could delay the freshening to April or even May. For now, enduring the indoor pollution is my lot.

I do hope I am able to get to the chiropractor next Tuesday. Missing my appointment this week didn't bother me at the time, but last night I must have done something to my neck in my sleep, as it is suddenly very uncomfortable. It's going to make raking those leaves more difficult. In fact they might have to lie there until after the next rains, which are expected to begin this coming Wednesday. There's not telling how long they will last. We're into the time of year when storms can move in one after another, with barely a day between them. I think I'll make an effort to get some raking done tomorrow, neck or no neck.