November 22nd, 2012

gericault_raft of the medusa 1

RIP Turkeys

I suppose all the turkeys have been consumed by now. I didn't consume a turkey. Instead I had a stir fry with rice and fish sticks. I often have fish sticks with stir fry because I can't properly fry a shrimp, and those frozen shrimp are even more unpleasant to eat than roasted turkey. Fish sticks aren't so hot themselves, but with a bit of soy sauce they do approximate fried shrimp pretty well. I just wish I could get hold of some of that hot Chinese mustard to put on them.

But the reason I like Chinese food (insofar as the stuff I make myself can actually be considered Chinese food) for Thanksgiving is because I'm not Jewish, and therefore never get Chinese food for Christmas. For Christmas I like tacos, anyway.

Autumn is two thirds over. One month to the winter solstice. The next two months are the arse-end of the year. Happy arse-end of the year everybody.