November 21st, 2012



The clouds have finally thinned, and tomorrow there will be blue sky and milder air. I'm looking forward to a warmish week. I might get the gutters cleaned out before the next rain arrives, and the freshly green lawns will get some sunlight once I've cleared them of leaves.

I'm sure the cats will be glad of a respite from the rain as well. This afternoon, Jarhead arrived on the back porch with her fur all spiked after she was caught in a sudden shower. The pillow on the porch was damp, too. I'd put it in the dryer for a while, but it's too dirty, and I don't want to wash it as the washing is bound to leave it lumpy. I'll have to try to find the cats a new pillow.

For some reason I keep thinking I've forgotten to do something important, but I have no idea what it is. It will probably come to me just as I'm falling asleep, and then I'll have to get up and do it— assuming it's something that can be done at night, and assuming that it's anything at all and not just some figment of my imagination.

Right now I have to go fix my belated dinner. Another one of those unintentional naps interrupted the evening. It's a wonder I was able to fall asleep without a blanket over me, the house is so chilly. But now, artichoke pasta with mushrooms and vegetables. Perfect for a cold night, late or not.