November 15th, 2012



Even though today was dry and tomorrow will probably be wet I let the fallen leaves stay where they were. I was going to rake the back lawn again, but made the mistake of curling up under a blanket on the couch to watch a half hour of television about one o'clock this afternoon. The television ended up watching itself, and I woke up about four o'clock, not feeling like raking at all. Now it's too dark. I guess the leaves will just have to get soaked. They might get soaked for six days in a row, as there is a certainty or possibility of rain for that entire time. There's nothing wrong with a wet November (in fact it's preferable to a dry November, which can extend the wildfire season) but it would be nice to have a break now and then.

In half an hour there will be beans to be eaten. I got them on cooking a bit late due to the nap. There weren't very many of them, either, as I forgot I was almost out. I'll have to extend them with some rice I suppose. I also had to toss some bread which had gotten moldy. There will be only two crusts of sourdough to go with the beans. Just as well, I suppose, if there will also be starchy rice. And I won't have to deal with leftovers, given the limited number of beans. I must remember to buy more Sunday, though, when I go out to shop in the likely rain.

The waxing crescent moon was not visible tonight due to the heavy clouds that came in while I was sleeping. If you don't watch them every minute, they're all over the place!