November 14th, 2012


The Descent Into Icy Hell Will Resume

That November is almost half over pleases me. That there's more than half of November yet to endure displeases me, especially since the second half is apt to be the worst half. The good news is that my power bill was less than I'd expected it to be. The bad news is that a whole string of cold, rainy days lie ahead. That's why I spent most of this afternoon enjoying the sunlight. I don't know when I'll be able to get more.

I do, however, have a persimmon. I wasn't expecting to find any at the store, but Save Mart had some, and they were not too expensive, either, so I bought one. It is now ripening in the kitchen. I'm not sure how long that will take, but chances are I'll be able to grow a persimmon sweater on my tongue for one of the upcoming rainy days.

While doing some tidying in my room I unearthed a pack of Trident cinnamon gum. There's no telling how long it had been there, buried under some old photograph envelopes from a drug store that was sold to a different chain several years ago, but it still smells of cinnamon, or cinnamon-like flavoring. I haven't tried chewing any yet. I'm not sure I'm desperate enough to chew gum that could well be more than a decade old, but if this November is like last November, I probably will be soon enough.