November 7th, 2012

beavis and butthead

Entry with Rude Puns and Footnotes

LJ's spam filtering hasn't been working very well for the last several days. Today I got two spam comments peddling erections. Now, even if I were to buy an erection, I wouldn't buy it from the Internets. And in any case, I can easily make my own erections. I don't even have to use any of those Free Erection web sites that abound on the Internets, and why would I pay for something the Internets would give me for free anyway?

I don't know what the spammers can be thinking, trying to sell me something that is so easily acquired at no cost. No doubt there are guys who can have no expenditures without an expenditure, so to speak, but I'm not one of them. I guess the spammers are just taking a shot in the dark* that I would be in their target group.**

Incidentally, I still get those once in a while, too. I thought they'd go away completely as I got older, but nope. Maybe the spammers ought to try to sell absorbent pads or something. It's probably a bigger market.

**I guess you could call this a bonus entry. Hehhehheh.
caillebotte_man at his window


It turned out to be warmer than expected today, though not quite balmy. I still was able to keep the windows open for three hours. Lovely cirrus clouds began forming about noon, and by three o'clock they had thickened enough that the sun cast only fuzzy shadows. That's when the air began to chill, so I closed the windows and went out to rake the walnut leaves from the back lawn. My reward was three more walnuts.

If I ever get around to raking beyond the jasmine hedge, I might find a few more. That probably won't be soon, though, as there is rain predicted tomorrow. Besides, one of my yard waste wheelie bins is now full, and the yard beyond the jasmine has enough leaves to stuff at least three more bins. I might just let them rot all winter, as I did last year, then clean up whatever hasn't degraded into mulch or compost come spring.

The clouds brought a lurid sunset, with one of those glowing red-orange skies that makes me think a volcano might have exploded somewhere. It also made me crave persimmons, which are not yet available. Something to look forward to, though, as winter approaches and the nights grow colder: sweet, fragrant, mushy fruit that puts a sweater on your tongue. They go well with walnuts, too.