November 3rd, 2012

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Shopping today was exhausting. The stores were zoos. The unintentional nap I took after I got home was also exhausting, and because of it the night ahead is probably going to be exhausting as well. Not to mention confusing.

I also have the feeling I've forgotten something very important, and that dire consequences will result. That might be nap-related. It always takes me a while to reconnect to reality after an unintentional nap— especially one that lasts almost five freaking hours.

What the hell happened? I've been doing so well with staying awake in the evenings. Now I've gone and missed dinner, with midnight approaching.

I don't feel like either cooking or eating a meal right now. I wish I'd bought a donut. Devouring a pastry with a hole in it always makes me feel better in situations such as this. Maybe it's the symbolism.